Land of Havilah TRC Midas

Land of Havilah TRC Midas. Picture taken on March 4, 2018

Purebred Nubian buck
ADGA# PN1901426
***DNA on File***
***Parentage Verified***
DOB: 04/14/2017

Sire: *B Land of Havilah ATL Triumph
Dam: Land of Havilah MC Red Clover

Linear Appraisal (LA) Scores:
2018:  01-03  81 +++
2019:  02-05 83 ++V

Midas is a gorgeous buck and I absolutely had to keep him as our Junior Herdsire.

He is a combination of two really nice bloodlines within our herd, and I am so pleased with this cross that I plan to repeat it as many times as God blesses us with the presence of both Midas’ parents in our herd.

His sire is our very own, *B Land of Havilah ATL Triumph. Triumph is out of our doe, SG Land of Havilah ShekinahGlory 2*M, LA: 06-03 VG88 VEEV. Shekinah is retired now, but reigned as our strongest doe for many years. Shekinah has earned many awards and was second place on the Michigan DHIR Honor Roll a few years ago. Triumph’s  sire via artificial insemination is SGCH +*B Wingwood Farm Finding Atlantis, LA: 03-05 EX91 VEE.

Midas’ dam is our Land of Havilah MC Red Clover. She was sold via reservation before she was born, and I was thrilled when it fell through and I was able to keep her in our herd! Clover is maturing into a   beautiful doe, and I hope to get her on DHIR (milk test) and get her appraised again this year.

Past pictures of Midas:

Midas – April 15, 2017
Midas – April 15, 2017
Midas – May 2017
Midas – October 2017