Land of Havilah MA Lilly 4*M

Lilly, milked out. September 2019

Purebred Nubian doe
ADGA Genetics link: N001810746
ADGA Registration #PN1810746
ADGA awards: 4*M, AR
AGS Registration #N-60732
AGS awards: 4*D
VGL Case #ADG14680
DOB: 04/07/2016

LA Score: 07-02 EX90 VEEE (June 2023)
Classification Score: 07-02 EX 91.8 (June 2023)

Sire:   +B Ain-Ash-Shams G Misha
Dam:  SG Land of Havilah ESG Aurora 3*M

Genetic Information

DNA Typed, Parent Verified
G6S: Normal (N/N)
Alpha S1 Casein: B/B
Scrapie Variant: NN/QQ



I love, love, love this doe! Lilly is out of our Aurora, who is a stand out doe that is easy to keep weight on and she is an excellent producer and mother. 

Lilly is an easy keeper with lots of substance of bone, thanks to her sire, Misha. She has a lovely head with a deep jaw, and is a hardy girl – I’m looking forward to seeing her freshen again!

In 2019, Lilly scored Excellent in Udder Texture, Front Legs, and Rear Legs; and Very Good in Head, Back, Rump, General Appearance, Dairy Strength, and Body Capacity. (EJ)

In 2022, Lilly scored Excellent in Shoulder Assembly, Front Legs, General Appearance, Dairy Strength, and Body (capacity); and Very Good in Head, Rear Legs, Feet, Back, and Rump. (JW)

In 2023, Lilly scored Excellent in Dairy Strength, Body Capacity, Mammary System, and Rump. Very Good in General Appearance, Shoulder Assembly, Front Legs, Rear Legs, and Back. (DL)

The video above is of Lilly in on July 31st, 2020.

Lilly’s Progeny in our Herd


Linear Appraisal Scores

2019: 03-05 VG85 VEV+ (First Freshener. Didn’t fill well for LA so lacked capacity)

2022: 06-05 VG88 EEE+ (Lilly milks heavy at the beginning of her lactations and she needs a summer LA session to really shine in her mammary system.) She has an absolutely gorgeous mammary when it is full capacity, I bet she would have that 4th E and bump up to 90 with a summer LA session. ADGA scheduled both the 2019 and 2022 appraisals for the end of September. 🙁

2023: 07-02 EX90 VEEE (New permanent score!) ADGA finally blessed us with a JUNE appraisal and Lilly was able to shine! Lilly scored Excellent in Dairy Strength, Body Capacity, Mammary System, and Rump. Very Good in General Appearance, Shoulder Assembly, Front Legs, Rear Legs, and Back.

AGS Classification Scores

We also participate in the American Goat Society’s Classification program. In classification, an animal is given a final percentage score based on 100 being perfect. In addition, each area of the animal is evaluated and assigned points based on how close that part comes to being ideal. For example, if an animal is given four (4) points out of the allotted five (5) on teats, that is 80%, and the owner knows that the teats on that animal are only 80% of the ideal. The Classifier inputs the score of each area of the body into an app on their phone. After they finish, the program calculates the final score, which the Classifier tells you right away. AGS sends you the score breakdown via email within a day or two, but I had my score breakdown much faster than that. The following pdf is the score breakdown.

2023: 07-02 Excellent (EX) 91.8

DHIR (milk test) Results

YearAgeDIMMilk #Fat %Fat #Protein %Protein #
Lilly’s lactations
Herd #34-00-5007. Index #19.
Updated: 11/02/2023
* In Progress


Lilly earned her 3*M designation as a First Freshener in 2019.  

She earned her *M in all three categories. She is an AR (Advanced Registry) doe and all her bucklings will have their *B designation as long as their sire is a *B or +B.

To view Lilly’s ADGA pedigree, click here

Created January 24, 2020

Disease Test Results

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Genetic Test Results

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