You will hear me talk A LOT about two things: Cleansing and Nourishing.  I have covered the Nourishing part of the equation on my LOH Feed Regimen page, and the Goat Minerals page. This page is the other part of the equation: Cleansing.  Without BOTH parts we don’t have the full program that we desire.  See the bottom of this page for information on purchasing these formulas premixed, or purchasing the single herbs necessary to make them yourself.

We and most other creatures on the planet have 4 channels of elimination:

1) Bowel
2) Urinary Tract
3) Skin
4) Lungs

Our bowel is the body’s preferred method of elimination. IF the bowel is NOT clear, the body will have to employ a secondary channel. That is when we see it trying to kick toxins through the skin: acne, rashes, etc. We MUST go back to the basics and the CAUSE of the issue, as Vitalists we do not focus on the effect (the symptoms). They are the CLUES that we need to get to the core of the issue.

We work our way through the cleanses in order:

1) GI Back on Tract mix; or Lower Bowel Formula – available as a bulk powder, capsules, and extract
2) Kidney Formula – available as a bulk powder, capsules, and extract
3) Liver & Gallbladder Formula – available as a bulk powder, capsules, and extract 
4) Blood Stream Formula – available as a bulk powder, capsules, and extract

I gave several links (above) to the products I’m discussing. The best choice will depend on whether you are dosing the whole herd or an individual animal, and the species. Extracts are very simple, since you can keep them in the pocket of your chore coat.

Bowel cleansing.

There is much more to a bowel cleanse than just clearing out the poo, you are cleansing and repairing the intestines and nourishing the system. This is where we ALWAYS start, the BOWELS. We DO NOT want to begin cleansing our body systems BEFORE we cleanse their bowels. Why?? Their system is backed up. If there is a jackknifed truck blocking the freeway, do we put MORE cars on the freeway, or do we remove the jackknifed truck?? We remove the BLOCKAGE first, right?? THAT is what the bowel cleanse does for us – it clears the way for the built up toxins in our body to get OUT as soon as possible when we start the other cleanses. If we do NOT clear that passage, the toxins that our Kidney, Liver, Bloodstream, and Cells begin dumping into our bowels (to exit the system) get stuck in there and are REABSORBED back into our system. NOT what we desire!

NOTE: Animals with a high forage based diet can use the GI Back on Tract mix. Other animals and humans would be better to use the Lower Bowel Formula. Dogs and cats should use Extracts.

If you have certain issues you need to address, you add the herbs/combination that targets that issue, but you always start with the bowel cleanse. Don’t start all the cleanses at once, do the bowel for at least 1-4 weeks (depending on their diet, and how they have been raised), then move on to the next cleanse in the same manner, and keep going till you have put them through all the cleanses. With my herd, I move from one cleanse to the next (without giving all the cleanses at the same time, so NOT like what we do for humans.)

See this link for a cleansing schedule for humans: Extended Herbal Cleanse

Kidney Formula.

This is what Dr. Christopher says about the Kidneys:

“Approximately eighty percent of the body is liquid and much of this fluid must be pumped, filtered, etc, through the body’s urinary system. We generally do not take the best care of this delicate tract. Through it circulates irritating and clogging type materials, such as black tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, hard water, and alcohol. Over the years we have used a formula of herbs with people who have been afraid to be out in public because of lack of control over the urinary tract and unknowingly voiding urine.”

Liver & Gallbladder Formula.

This is what Dr. Christopher says about the Liver/Gallbladder Formula:

“To speed up the blood purifying process, it is good to have a good clean liver and gallbladder area. When the liver does not function properly, the bile does not excrete freely into the intestinal tract, and so it passes off into the bloodstream and throughout the rest of the system, causing a toxic issue called cholemia, causing indigestion, sluggishness, constipation, fatigue, upset stomach, chills, vomiting and fever. Why wait until it gets to this condition? This formula supports the proper function of both the liver and gallbladder and helps rebuild and cleanse these organs when necessary.”

Bloodstream Formula.


This is what Dr. Christopher says about the Bloodstream Formula:

“The blood stream is life itself and it is our job to keep it clean and pure so that we can have a good circulatory system for delivering food to the body properly and in addition, to carry off the waste materials. After years of using this blood purifying formula, we discovered it to be the same type formula as used by Hoxey for years. A good blood purifier in teamwork with a bowel cleansing and rebuilding formula makes a wonderful combination. These two, with a good Mucusless Diet, can renew the body and add years to a healthy life. This herbal blood rebuilder is made up of herbs that are cleansers, but also herbs that give astringency; others aid in removing cholesterol, kill infection, or build elasticity in the veins and to strengthen the vein and artery walls.”

Most standard size goats are around human size – between 150-200#, so we would use the same dosage as the suggested human dose.

Herbal Sources: I have all these mixes available for purchase premixed, or I have the single herbs available for sale so that you can mix them yourself to save even more money. I can help you with this and your purchase through Land of Havilah Herbals, LLC.