Land of Havilah TD Jubilee 3*M

Aurora is retired to live out the rest of her days here on the farm 🙂

American Nubian doe
ADGA Genetics link: N001705754
ADGA Registration #AN1705754
VGL Case #ADG3326
DOB: 05/09/2014

Sire: +*B Land of Havilah ATL Triumph
Dam: Land of Havilah MDS Daydream 2*M



Genetic Information

DNA Typed, Sire Verified
G6S: Normal by parentage
Scrapie Variant: NS/QQ

Linear Appraisal scores

2016:   02-01 VG85 +V+V
2019:  05-04 VG87 VEVV


Jubilee earned her 3*M designation as a First Freshener in 2016.

She earned her *M in all three categories. She is an AR (Advanced Registry) doe and all her bucklings will have their *B designation as long as their sire is a *B or +B.

Jubilee’s dam

Daydream is a *B BlissBerry CR McDreamy x SG Land of Havilah Sonador 1*M daughter.  Sonador was the 2011 & 2012 ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader in all 3 categories – milk, butterfat, and protein – as a Recorded Grade Nubian.  McDreamy’s dam is the lovely SGCH BlissBerry R Rockin’ Robin 2*M – ELITE Doe, and 2006, 2007, and 2010 ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader Nubian, click here to go to McDreamy’s page the for an exact breakdown of Robin’s placings.

Land of Havilah MDS Daydream 2*M, and her 2016 buckling, Pikachu.
SGCH BlissBerry R Rockin’ Robin 2*M  
Photo courtesy of BlissBerry Nubians.

Jubilee’s sire

Jubilee’s sire is +*B Land of Havilah ATL Triumph.  Tri has been throwing some gorgeous kids!  He is out of our strongest doe in both DHIR (milk production) and LA (Linear Appraisal), SG Land of Havilah ShekinahGlory 2*M.   Shekinah was #2 on the State of Michigan 2013 DHIR Honor Roll for milk, butterfat & protein, and she earned SG status in September 2013.  Tri’s sire (via AI) is SGCH ++*B Wingwood Farm Finding Atlantis.

SGCH ++*B Wingwood Farm Finding Atlantis
2 years old (2011)
Photo courtesy of Hoanbu Dairy Goats