Land of Havilah GBV Satin 6*M

Satin – February 2022

Purebred Nubian doe
ADGA Genetics link: N002187133
ADGA Registration #PN2187133
ADGA Awards: 6*M
AGS Registration #N-60789
AGS Awards: 6*D
VGL Case #AGS104
DOB:  05/04/2021

Sire:  *B Land of Havilah ML Galaxy
Dam: Land of Havilah Black Velvet 5*M

Genetic Information

DNA Typed, Parent Verified
G6S: Normal (N/N) (by parentage)
Alpha S1 Casein:  A/A
Scrapie Variant:  NN/QQ



In 2023, Satin scored Very Good in Rear Legs and Rump. Good Plus in Head, Shoulder Assembly, Front Legs, Back, General Appearance, Dairy Strength. Body Capacity, and Mammary system.

Linear Appraisal scores

2023: 02-01 84 GGGG (June 13) (DL)

AGS Classification Scores

We also participate in the American Goat Society’s Classification program. In classification, an animal is given a final percentage score based on 100 being perfect. In addition, each area of the animal is evaluated and assigned points based on how close that part comes to being ideal. For example, if an animal is given four (4) points out of the allotted five (5) on teats, that is 80%, and the owner knows that the teats on that animal are only 80% of the ideal. The Classifier inputs the score of each area of the body into an app on their phone. After they finish, the program calculates the final score, which the Classifier tells you right away. AGS sends you the score breakdown via email within a day or two, but I had my score breakdown much faster than that. The following pdf is the score breakdown.

2023: Very Good (VG) 89.6 (June 13)

DHIR (Milk Test) Results

YearAgeDIMMilk #Fat %Fat #Protein %Protein #
Satin’s lactations
Herd #34-00-5007. Index #30.
Updated: 05/13/2024
*In Progress


Satin earned her 5*M designation as a First Freshener in 2023. She earned her *M in the butterfat and protein categories. She just missed the milk category (1500#) finishing her lactation at 1436#. BUT, I had to dry her off earlier than I planned – she got pregnant during a buck breakout (Kinetic) at the end of August, and she needs a 2 month break before she kids around the end of January. She’ll get it next time. 🙂


Satin’s sire is *B Land of Havilah ML Galaxy. We retained Galaxy as a Herd Sire in 2020. He is out of Land of Havilah ML Lilly 4*M and *B Land of Havilah TRC Midas. He has the qualities that I’ve been breeding for with a strong chine, level topline, very dairy skin texture, beautiful head and ears. Both his front and rear leg are set correctly. His front legs are straight from both front and side. I love the capacity he has even as a young buck. And his hairdo is rockin lol. I think he will be the biggest buck I have ever owned by the time he is mature. He passes his very dairy skin on to his kids, which promises excellent udder texture in his daughters.

*B Land of Havilah ML Galaxy – 2020 (yearling)


Velvet is like a carbon copy of her dam, Ebony. If they aren’t in the same area I have to look closely to see which one it is. When I think of Velvet all I can think of is how dairy she is. She is built in a way that I know she will put milk in the bucket. She milks very well with a tightly attached, lovely udder. To top it all off, she is an excellent momma. 🙂 Gotta love that!

Disease Test Results

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Genetic Test Results

Here are the official test results straight from the lab. You can verify them yourself by clicking this link and inputting the case and report # (found in the pdf’s) to see the reports on the UC Davis (VGL) site.

Proof of G6S Normal by Parentage Status