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A BioEnergetiX WellNES scan  is a holistic alternative approach to health care. It can be done from the comfort of your home or while traveling. Remote scanning is a ground-breaking bioenergetic tool that takes advantage of today’s high speed technology. It provides our NES Practitioner with an accurate “picture” of your health status from a distance. Please read the complete Product Description for more information.

We have several packages to choose from, and answering two questions will help us find the perfect fit for your needs! These packages are the COMPLETE protocol (please see Product Description for details), so no additional purchases are necessary unless you decide to use herbs as a support as well, or if you also want to purchase a “Feel Good” Infoceutical as a general support.

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The simple BioEnergetiX scan takes about 60 seconds to complete. You can complete the scan from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world.  The remote scan requires a BioEnergetiX Remote Scanner device OR a NES miHealth Pro device (either can be added to the scan package – simply select it as an option), a laptop or desktop computer, and an internet connection to send the completed scan to us for evaluation.


  • BioEnergetiX Remote Scanner device, if this option is selected. You will NEED this Remote Scanner device OR a NES miHealth Pro device to scan from your location, otherwise you would need to schedule a scan in person. This is a ONE TIME purchase and can be used over and over again for future scans. This scanner alone is a $250 value, but we give you a huge discount to make these scans more available to our clients so we only charge $75 when you buy the remote scanner device as part of our packages!!
  • A consultation with Kristie to review your scan results and show you around the scan results screens for future reference ($100 value)
  • To make this program more affordable, ONE bottle of scan specific drops are included in your scan package. Additional bottles can be purchased here, if you desire, as you may more than one bottle for a 30 day supply.  A shipping cost is initially charged for the extra bottle(s). Please note, if you order the additional bottle(s) and your scan package at the same time, we will refund the shipping cost to you. (USA only)
  • You can login to the exclusive online portal to view the scan and recommendations.


  • Energetic blockages: The scan identifies energy blockages in the body-field and pinpoints the strength of the energy being produced by various systems and organs.


  • Nutritional screen: The scan report will highlight current challenges in the body’s management of nutrients, metabolic processes, and difficulty with certain foods. Depending on the scan results, our recommendations may include dietary suggestions, herbal nutritional supplements, essential oils, in addition to the Infoceuticals indicated in the scan.

Environmental factors and sensitivities: The BioEnergetiX scan determines  environmental factors such as heavy metals, chemicals, and EMFs and the body’s ability to manage their impact.


  • Emotional and mental considerations: Past shocks and traumas can negatively impact health. The scan may help you identify possible correlations of chronic health issues and negative emotions.

miHealth Pro PEMF Device. When I work with an animal (or human) in person, I have the ability to utilize my NES miHealth Pro PEMF device. Here is an example of how a veterinarian uses the Animal Total WellNES scan (BioEnergetiX is the newest version of this software) and miHealth Pro PEMF Device in his practice:


It’s recommended that you re-scan approximately every 30 days. Ideally you want to do this a few days before you run out of infoceuticals so that there is no disruption in your program.

We strongly recommend that our scan clients make at least a six month commitment to this protocol. This protocol is not a magic-pill drive-thru therapy. While many do indeed get instant results, it takes time for the body to make, assimilate, and HOLD those changes. And that is what we want: total transformation that is lasting and real. Our reputation rides on your results and we are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

For follow up scans, you have two options:
  • Scan and Consultation Option: Receive a 30 minute consultation with our BioenergetiX practitioner to go over the results online. You can also login to the online portal to view your scan results at your leisure (or PDF of reports will be sent to you for your animal), and
  • ONE bottle of drops is included in the price of your scan. According to the scan recommendations. 
  • Scan and Portal View of Results, No Consultation: View the scan results on the online portal, and ONE bottle of drops is included in the price of your scan. According to the scan recommendations. 

Scanner Rental:

The BioEnergetiX Remote Scanner device may be returned within two weeks of purchase, a rental fee for the use of the scanner will be deducted and a refund issued via PayPal for the remainder. 


BioEnergetiX truly is the future of medicine. It can address your health in a way that no other program can. A BioEnergetiX WellNES scan  is a holistic alternative approach to health care. It can be done from the comfort of your home or while traveling. Remote scanning is a ground-breaking bioenergetic tool that takes advantage of today’s high speed technology. It provides our NES Practitioner with an accurate “picture” of your health status from a distance.


Using the Remote Scanner device OR a NES miHealth Pro device that connects to your computer and following a few instructions, you perform a scan or yourself, your animal, or family member/friend. The remote scanner is a device that you place your hand on to detect your energetic field.  The remote scanner technology quickly records the energetic body fields. After analysis, a customized wellness program is recommended. The program includes liquid remedies called Infoceuticals. Infoceuticals are imprinted with energetic information that addresses priority imbalances in your body. A nutritional program will also be discussed, depending on the scan results.

In accordance with FDA requirements we must state that, Land of Havilah, BioEnergetiX, NES Health and its products do not cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat disease. If you have a medical condition or concern, please also consult the appropriate healthcare professional. NES and its claims have not been evaluated by any Government agency or regulatory organization.

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5 reviews for BioEnergetiX WellNES System Scan – Options

  1. Margaret Frobel

    I went to Kristie because of sciatica and hip pain that was lasting almost two months. She did a scan on me and used the MI Health system on my leg. I felt immediate improvement. I had been having difficulty climbing stairs because my leg was progressively getting weaker. After the session I tried stairs and noticed it was easier to climb stairs. The pain and discomfort in my hip and lower leg was somewhat decreased. I noticed much improvement during the next few days. I was able to sleep throughout the night, leg cramps at night gone, pain in my hip greatly disminished and pain in lower leg gone. I have been able to climb stairs with little of any discomfort. Progress continues everyday. I have been using the infoceuticsls daily. I have been absolutely amazed at the results. Being a nurse I was somewhat cynical of the process but I am completely convinced that this system works. I confidently recommend this system to anyone having problems that need to be addressed.

  2. Tracy

    I have been amazed at the results of the BioEnergetiX WellNES System through Land of Havilah Herbals. Nowhere else have I seen a system like this that can read and interpret the energetic signature of the body in such a way that it can provide a diagnostic report with detailed explanation of the body systems and how they are affected. The idea of body meridians is certainly not new, and for generations there have been practitioners who are gifted with the training and insight to understand and work with them. With this WellNES System, it has become possible to create a sort of map to identify the areas under stress for those of us without that ancestral knowledge or a local resource for it.

    I have had a chance to see this in action with myself, as well as with a dog and a goat. In each case, the detailed analysis of the report was able to identify the areas of the body in need – including the aspect of the underlying emotions. With Kristie Miller’s extensive training and certification in this system and several other healing modalities, it is possible to develop a diverse plan of action as well as to follow the progress of the results.

  3. info3

    Kristie recently did backup testing for me on my livestock dog, myself and a challenging horse rehabillitation project. For all 3, I found that her system matched the results I was getting with my own energy testing. In addition, Kristie’s system offered additional facets of health to consider, aspects I had not looked at before and have now incorporated into my own program. Finally, Kristie was able to do some remote healing work using her system for all of us, and I observed an improvement in symptoms very quickly, with the effects increasing over several days.
    Carrie Eastman
    Common Sense Wellness
    East West Equestrian Arts
    author of The Energetic Goat

  4. Denise Wilhelm

    What a fascinating process! The scan identified two issues that at first seemed unrelated to the symptoms I was experiencing. But as I read the detailed information about each issue the scan hit on as priorities, I realized it was exactly what was bothering me! The miHealth sessions were done remotely, and I was more than a little skeptical. But I have a severe strained Achilles tendon which gives me constant pain. After a miHealth session, I immediately felt improved range of motion and reduced pain. I was very excited to receive the recommended infoceuticals, and as I take them, I am noticing gradual changes. What an incredible option this is to deal with health issues that conventional medicine can’t seem to handle. I confidently recommend the BioEnergetiX WellNES System Scan for any issue you may be experiencing. I’m looking forward to better health!

  5. Jennifer

    For YEARS I’ve been suffering with limited use, numbness and pain in both of my arms. I would wake several times in the night with terrible pain and numbness from my elbows down. The only conventional options available to me were pain medications (which I cannot take) or surgery. I am skeptical by nature, but this program blew me away. After my first scan, one miHealth session, and taking the infoceuticals, I was able to sleep a full night without waking up from the pain in YEARS. I was completely amazed how this scan was able to find each and every issue that I had been having, things I didn’t even talk about, and there they were on the screen right in front of me. I highly recommend this as a first choice for anyone that has been dealing with chronic issues.

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