Welcome to our Instructions page!

Where can I find the free Basics series class that comes with my purchase?

Our free Basics series classes teach you how to use our Land of Havilah Herbals brand products that you have purchased. Follow these steps to locate your free class access:

  1. Login on your My Account page on the Land of Havilah Herbals website.

  2. Scroll down the page to see if the class has already been added for you under this heading:

  3. If not, look for the Orders tab

  4. Locate the correct order, then click on View to see your invoice. The link to sign up for your free class is available there.

  5. Click on Start this Course, then follow the prompts to sign up for your free class.

Did you checkout as a Guest instead of creating an account? No worries, I can help you – please provide me with the email address that you used when you placed your order. I will then send you the link to sign up for the free class. Signing up for the class will create an account and I can add your Guest Orders to your new account so you have access to your classes, order history, etc.

As always, please feel free to contact me for assistance!

~ Kristie Miller, MH, CA, NES
Land of Havilah Herbals, LLC