Other Helpful Information

Blood Testing – Laboratories to choose from, a BRIEF description of each disease in my own words as I understand it (CAE, CL, Johne’s and Brucella), and my personal opinion at the end.

Emergency Checklist – This is a list of things that you need to check so that your Vet or an experienced breeder is better able to assist you during an emergency.

Checking for Parasitic Anemia – This teaches you how to correctly and easily check your animals for parasite load.

Info on DHIR (Milk Test) – I had many questions about DHIR both before and after I started the application process.  I walk you through the procedure and discuss some of the questions/concerns I had that kept me from DHIR in years past.

Homemade Milk Machine – I have added this page due to popular demand.  It has lots of pics, so it may load slowly.  I’m NOT a “handy” type person, and I don’t know the names of many of the parts needed to build this, but I put in pics so that you may be able to make it yourself.

Goat Milk Nutrition! – This is nutritional information about fresh goat milk!!  Fresh, unprocessed milk from a tested negative herd (see blood testing) is one of the BEST things you can do for your family!!!

Helpful Goat Books – Here is a list of books and other stuff that I have found helpful.  If you click in through my links I get credit from Amazon, which helps me pay for my website and continue to provide you with lots of neat information! 😀

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