Land of Havilah MV Gloriole 1*M

Land of Havilah MV Gloriole 1*M

Purebred Nubian doe
Registration #N1901667
DOB: 04/03/2017

Sire: +B Ain-Ash-Shams G Misha
LA: 02-03 EX90 EVE

Dam: Land of Havilah TA Victory

Genetic Information
DNA Typed, Parent Verified
G6S: Normal (N/N)
Alpha S1 Casein: A/N
Scrapie Variant: NN/QQ

LA Scores:
2019: 02-05 VG85 VEV+ (First Freshener)

Land of Havilah MV Gloriole 1*M (July 31, 2020)

Glory is a gorgeous doe with so many fantastic qualities! She has the softest udder texture that I have ever encountered (and 6 out of 7 of our does scored an Excellent in Udder Texture at our 2019 Linear Appraisal!) We are so pleased with Glory that we just had to keep her 2019 daughter, Starburst!

Glory is excellent in Udder Texture, Rear Legs, and Dairy Strength; and very good in Head, Shoulder Assembly, Front Legs, Feet, Rump, General Appearance, and Body Capacity. (LA: September 14, 2019)

Glory – fall 2019. We had her legs too far back in this picture, but it shows her lovely roman nose and depth of muzzle.


Glory earned her 1*M designation as a First Freshener in 2019.

She earned her 1*M in all three categories. She is an AR (Advanced Registry) doe and all her bucklings will have their *B designation as long as their sire is a *B or +B.

To view Glory’s ADGA pedigree, click here

Created on January 24, 2020

Glory’s sire:

Glory’s sire is +B Ain-Ash-Shams G Misha, EX90 EVE.

Misha excels in General Appearance, Body Capacity, Head, and Back. He is Very Good in Shoulder Assembly, Rear Legs, Rump, and Dairy Strength.

Misha throws great substance of bone, and gorgeous breed character. His daughters have lovely mammaries and beautiful udder texture.

Misha 2013. EX90 EVE

Glory’s dam:

Glory’s dam is Land of Havilah TA Victory. She is out of Aurora, who is a powerhouse milker! We sold Victory and kept Glory due to her greater width and substance of bone. Unfortunately, Tori was badly injured at her new home and passed away due to the extent of her injuries. 🙁 Tori wasn’t on milk test long enough to earn her *M, so Glory is starting out back at the beginning as a 1*M.

Pictures of Glory: