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Page last updated on February 12, 2022

REGISTERED AND TRANSFERRED. When you pickup your kid, I file registration applications online on the ADGA website and transfer your kid into your name. That cost is included in your purchase price. I figure if someone is paying for a registered kid, then they shouldn’t have to jump through any hoops and pay more money for the animal to actually get registered.

All sales are final. We practice strict biosecurity with our herd, which means that when an animal leaves our farm it cannot be returned to us for ANY reason. Please inspect animals thoroughly to ensure that you are satisfied before taking them off our farm. When you visit, please refrain from wearing your regular barn boots and barn outerwear. Please wear clean footwear and clean coats/pants/outerwear that have not recently been worn in any barn or around any other animals. You will NOT be permitted inside the pens with the animals at any time. We will bring the animal(s) that you may be interested in out of the pen for your closer inspection. Thank you for understanding!

ADGA Plus herd (DHIR, LA, DNA)

Our entire herd is G6S Normal by direct test or by parentage.

Tested CAE, CL, Johne’s, Brucellosis, and Q-Fever Negative (that is good) herd – See our test results at this link.  Closed herd.

Pictures of kids for sale

We are sold out, please visit our 2022 Kidding Schedule page for available reservations.

2021 Kids Sold:

Velvet x Galaxy buckling – LOH/N10 SOLD
$500 registered

SOLD. Buck. Registered $500. (See picture below)

Sire: *B Land of Havilah ML Galaxy
Dam: Land of Havilah Black Velvet 5*M

Born May 4, 2021. This buckling has excellent blending from his neck into his withers, beautiful head and ears. He has a strong, level chine and loin with great width between his front legs that follows through the rest of his body. Excellent balance in his front and rear legs. He has great substance of bone, thanks to his sire. He is very correct and basically sets himself up for pictures with the exception of leaning into me which made placing his feet difficult. He is sweet natured and easy to work with. His sire, Galaxy, has been throwing excellent skin texture which correlates with a very soft, supple udder that milks down beautifully. I’m looking forward to seeing my Galaxy girls freshen when they are old enough, they should be absolutely stunning! We have retained this bucking’s littermate sister (Land of Havilah GBV Satin) for our herd. A DNA sample will be submitted to confirm identity and parentage after he is registered – ADGA doesn’t have the ability to add DNA to a registration if it is done beforehand, I’m hoping that they will connect it on a registered animal.

Velvet x Galaxy buckling. Picture taken December 4, 2021.
Velvet x Galaxy buckling. Picture taken December 4, 2021.

Clover x Legacy – LOH/N14. SOLD
$600 registered with *B designation, $300 unregistered

Sire: *B Land of Havilah Zoe’s Legacy
Dam: Land of Havilah MC Red Clover 3*M

Born June 2, 2021. If you need help with long, correct ears in your nubians, THIS is your boy. I like the capacity that he already shows as a young buck. He needs a hoof trim, which will straighten out the look of his front legs and provide more angulation in the rear. He has very nice substance of bone – I retained a doe out of this cross last year (Silhouette) and she is absolutely stunning! He is shy, but will tame down nicely with some time and attention. His sire, Legacy, is out of Blissberry lines (Most Wanted x Rockin Robin). His momma is out of Saada lines, which brings in the beautiful ears on this boy. I have DNA on him to confirm his parentage.

Clover x Legacy buckling.

Jubilee buckling – AMERICAN – SOLD
$500 registered with *B designation, $300 unregistered

Born August 20, 2021. This guy is built! His momma is out of Kastdemur and Blissberry lines (see her maternal grandsire: Californication x Rockin Robin). I suspect that his sire is *B Land of Havilah Zoe’s Legacy, who is out of Blissberry lines (see his maternal grandsire: Most Wanted x Rockin Robin). I can test for DNA if someone is interested in buying him with papers. I love the width that I see in this kid, and he has strong front and rear legs that show very nice substance of bone. He is shy, but will tame down nicely with some time and attention. Jubilee is a powerhouse milker!

Jubilee buckling. Picture taken December 4, 2021.
Jubilee buckling. Picture taken December 4, 2021.

Lilly x Midas – (*B Land of Havilah ML PayDay) LOH/N5. $625 SOLD

Born March 31, 2021. Beautiful topline on this guy – he is uphill and upstanding while on the move. He has very good rear leg angulation and nice balance in his forelegs, which are straight both from the front and side view. Smooth blending from his neck to withers and that levelness continues into his chine and loin through his rump. From the rear, he is arched in his escutcheon and I love the wide stance and correct hocks on this dude. He is an excellent herd sire prospect. His full brother Galaxy (2020) is our Junior Herdsire.

Lilly x Midas – (*B Land of Havilah ML Flash) LOH/N6. $625 SOLD

Born March 31, 2021. He has very nice blending from his neck into his withers, which continues into a strong chine and loin and an nice strong rump. He is uphill and upstanding on the move. Very nice substance of bone with nice balance in his front and rear legs. Front legs are straight from both front and side view. Beautiful angulation in his rear legs. I love the front end on this buck – very nice brisket and chest floor, with good width throughout. His hocks are very nice in the rear view and he has a good escutcheon arch. He is an excellent herd sire prospect. His full brother Galaxy (2020) is our Junior Herdsire.


Please see our Reservation page to reserve your Land of Havilah kid

Click here to see pics and info about our past goat kids. 🙂

Sales & Herd Health Info:
Our herd tests negative for CAE, CL, Johne’s, Brucellosis, and Q-Fever. In addition to testing Negative, our herd is and always has been CL abscess free, and we have never had any signs of Johne’s.  We test annually for CAE. See our test results at this link.

Our entire herd is G6S Normal, either by direct blood test or by parentage.

We participate in DHIR (official Milk Test), and ADGA’s Linear Appraisal. We hope to continue these programs every year.

Discounts are available for herds currently on ADGA’s DHIR (official Milk Test) program.

We run a Closed Herd – our goats do not leave our property & we do not offer Buck Service. We also practice strict biosecurity when visitors come to our farm. NOTE: We opened the herd for 2013 to bring in new bloodlines, this does not include opening our bucks for Stud Service.

Contact us for pricing.  Prices for kids include my raising them until they are 8 weeks old. This gives them the best start possible for a healthy and productive life.

Purchase information – 1/2 down will hold the kid of your choice until they can be picked up at 8 weeks old. At that point (pickup of kid), the remaining 1/2 is due in cash. We will sit down together and register your kid online at time of pickup, if the kid you choose is offered for sale with papers.

* Price includes raising the kid(s) up to 8 weeks old, then the price will rise. I insist on raising the kids on our farm until they are 8 weeks old to give them the best start possible. I can normally keep them longer, but there would be an additional boarding fee to cover costs.

On Hold: means that an animal has been selected and that payment is supposed to be on the way to us. We allow 7 calendar days for a payment to reach us if coming from out of state, 4 calendar days in state. If payment has not been received by that time the animal is released for sale. We prefer PayPal payments to avoid this issue, buyer is responsible for all PayPal fees.

Sale Pending: means payment has been received, but kid is still on the farm pending shipment/pick up.

Sale Pending on Reservation: means that the kid was reserved under our Reservation Program. See current “Reservation” page

Sold: means that kid has left our hands to its new owner.

Reservation Information & Conditions to buy a kid from us:

Deposit: $100 deposit to reserve a kid out of any of our Does. Deposits from cancellations are not refundable. If the kid you reserved is born, and you decide not to complete the purchase, the deposit is not refundable or transferable.

PayPal: We now accept PayPal, provided the Buyer pays the fees. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Reservation Pending: This means that someone has contacted me and has said they are sending payment to hold a certain kid from a certain breeding. I will keep this code in place for 3 days, after that it will be removed if payment has not been received within that time and there has been no further contact with me in the meantime.

Reserved: This means that I have received payment to hold a certain kid from a certain breeding.

Information Needed to Reserve a Kid: In order to be places on a Doe’s reservation list, please contact me with your name, address, phone number and email address, along with the name of the Doe you wish to reserve a kid from, and the gender (buckling or doeling) of the kid you desire.

“First Choice” Reservations: When that kid is born from your Doe of choice, this is a first come first serve basis, first reservation gets *first choice kid.  *We reserve the right to select any necessary animals for our own herd.

Payment specifics: Upon the birth of your reserved kid, half down (minus your $100 deposit) is due and payable at that time. (Non-payment within one week of birth will culminate in the forfeiture of your deposit and the kid may be offered for sale to another interested party.) The remaining half being due and payable in cash when the kid is 8 weeks old, or at the pickup of said kid (if before the kid is 8 weeks old). If the kid takes a bottle as well as being raised by their dam, it MAY be possible to purchase and pick them up before they turn 8 weeks old. If you are picking up your kid at the time of the final payment, cash is the only form of payment acceptable.

Registered Bucklings: I only register bucklings that meet my standards. If they do not, I will return your deposit. Only good quality bucklings will be allowed the privilege of carrying our herd name.

Pricing of Kids: Prices of unborn kids WILL go up after birth. This DOES NOT include anyone who has a reservation, so reserve a kid out of the doe of your choice now! 🙂 This price increase DOES apply to anyone on the waiting list. Reservations have their perks. 😉

Boarding Fee: Kids should be picked up by eight weeks of age. A $10 per day boarding fee will be charged after that time if no prior arrangements have been made ($5 per day applies when prior arrangements have been made.) Many times, I am able to keep them till they are 12 weeks old. This is especially true if you do not have access to goat milk to feed them. 🙂 I love these kids and want them to get an awesome start and be a blessing to your life. This is the foundation of their entire life.

Non-payment: Animals that remain unpaid for after eight weeks old (unless special arrangements have been made prior to that time), may be resold to another buyer and any money paid will be forfeit.

Buyer Responsibility Specifics: PayPal fees, health papers, blood tests requested by buyers, kennel needed and transport are the financial responsibilities of the buyer.

Buck (or Buckling) Breeding/AI Requirement: We require conventional breeding or semen for AI be made available to us from any buck we sell at the cost of collection.

Kidding Season: I fully intend to allow my does to raise their own kids every year, as that provides you with the healthiest kids possible, in my opinion. Our kids also take a bottle. Our herd has tested negative for CAE, CL, Johne’s and Brucella.  We test annually for CAE.  See our test results at this link.

Thank you for your interest in Land of Havilah Farm. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. If you do not hear back from me within 1 or 2 days, then I did not receive your email, please try again.

– Kristie Miller, MH, CA
Land of Havilah Farm Nubians