Here at Land of Havilah Herbals, we strongly believe in providing excellent customer service and support.  That means that all items purchased through our store include my guidance for your specific situation.  This free guidance is only available for our customers and the items that they have purchased through us and it is given in appreciation for their support of Land of Havilah Herbals, LLC.  Please feel free to email me or message me through our Land of Havilah Herbals Facebook Page to ask how to use the items that you ordered here or items that you are in the process ordering/adding to your cart.  If you have a situation that you are working with and you desire my input about what to order, that is covered as “being in the process of ordering”.  For items purchased elsewhere, please contact the seller for support, or see Services on our Store to purchase and schedule a consultation with me.     ~ Kristie, MH, CEIT