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Our Master Herbalist/Aromatherapist will personally teach you how we prepare and administer the Parasite Formula herb mix as a tea for our herd. This class includes videos on how to make the tea, for those of us that learn better when seeing things done. 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: You get access to a FREE class called Parasite Formula Basics when you purchase the Parasite Formula. This $10 class is NOT the Parasite Formula Basics class. The free class is NOT searchable on our website, you must use a link to get there – you can use the QR Code on the product label, or you can go to the Instructions page to help you find your free class access.


Parasites can be a real problem, and chemical resistance is becoming more of an issue.  In this short course our Master Herbalist/Aromatherapist, Kristie, will personally teach you how we prepare and administer the Parasite Formula herb mix as a tea for our herd.  She will also provide some tips and tricks on how to encourage hesitant animals to drink it.  The tea method is the easiest way to administer herbs to a large herd of animals, which will save you a lot of time and effort!

Course Units and Topics

Unit 1:  Introduction

  1. Why Tea?
  2. Herd Observation
  3. Quiz 1:  Introduction & Herd Observation

Unit 2:   Preparation

  1. Gather Ingredients/Supplies
  2. Putting it all together!  (video)
  3. Quiz 2:  Preparation

Unit 3:  Administering the Tea Method

  1. Give it to the Silly Goats! (video)
  2. Tips & Tricks for Picky Goats
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
  4. Survey
Disclaimer: In accordance with FDA guidelines we must state that the information and products offered in this class are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This class is for informational purposes only.


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