*B Land of Havilah MSG Excelsior

Excelsior. September 2017.

Purebred Nubian buck
Registration #N001810748
DOB: 05/10/2016

***DNA on file***
***Parentage Verified***

LA: 01-04 83 +V+

Sire: +B Ain-Ash Shams G Misha
Dam: SG Land of Havilah ShekinahGlory 2*M

Land of Havilah MSG Excelsior (center), hanging out with Land of Havilah MA Lilly.

He is out of +B Ain-Ash-Shams G Misha (scored EX90 EVE as a 2 year old) and one of our strongest does: SG Land of Havilah ShekinahGlory 2*M (Permanent score of 06-02 VG88 VEVV).  Shekinah passes on her sweet nature to her kids and Excel is very well mannered and easy to handle.  He is half brother (also out of Shekinah) to our *B Land of Havilah ATL Triumph (04-06 EX90 VEE) who scored an EX90 at Linear Appraisal this year as a 4 year old.  Excel got a very solid yearling score of 83 +V+ at this year’s Linear Appraisal, and I expect him to continue to mature very nicely fill out in his barrel/chest area even more as he continues to grow.  He excels (no pun intended) in his Rear Legs, and is Very Good in his Front Legs, Feet, and Dairy Strength. Our Linear Appraisal was on September 3rd, and he has already grown a lot more (bulked up) since then.