"Our Firm Foundation" Kit

Our Firm Foundation KitThis kit contains the basics, it should be added to any of the other kits so that you have a total nutrition program for each situation. I’m keeping it separate, so that the kits can be more specific, and you will not have to order these items if you already have them on hand. At other times, if you ONLY need the basic kit and this option makes it easily available to you.

Includes: Vitalerbs, Kelp Granules.  Our “Kits”do not require you to buy multiple items, you can put the individual products that you desire in your Cart.  The Kit is basically just a way for me to have certain products grouped together in one spot with a description of how I use the items and why.  I thought it would be easier for people that way.  🙂 

NOTE: It would be much more economical if you can locate a local dealer of Thorvin Kelp. That is the kelp that I use at my farm and it is much more economical than this product that is made for human consumption. I buy locally through Midwestern BioAg and you can contact them to see if they have a local source for you. I believe they will ship if you are interested in more information contact Midwestern BioAg 989-874-6009. Midwestern BioAg services (deliver to) northern Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and even western Ontario in Canada, so I would encourage you to give them a call and see if they have delivery available near you.  If you are in my area (south central Michigan near the border of Ohio/Indiana), I created a “co-op” where a few of us order at the same time and split the delivery fee.  Contact me if you are interested in being a part of that.  

The kelp granules I have in this kit are from Dr. Christopher’s (processed for human use), so it costs more per pound. I have kelp in this kit because I feel it plays a very important part in providing nutrients, and I want to give people a simple way to obtain kelp until they can find something local to them.

Please also consider the “Scrub-a-Dub-Dub” Cleansing Kit to cleanse.

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