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My name is Kristie, and I am a Certified Master Herbalist and a Certified Aromatherapist.  My training is for humans,  I also have lots of experience using herbs for animals and I am a lifelong pet and horse owner. All the products on our Store are formulated and packaged for humans with the exception of our Land of Havilah Parasite Formula mixes, which I created for my dairy goats (#PL199 Regular formula) and the Equine/Camelid version (#PL213) for my horses. 

Here at Land of Havilah Herbals, we place a high priority on customer service and support, so please use the “Contact Us” link  if you have questions or concerns about the items you ordered from us. Kristie, our Certified Master Herbalist/Aromatherapist, will personally answer your email to provide order and  product support. This support is limited to products you ordered through our store, please provide an order number to take advantage of this service. For items purchased elsewhere, please contact the seller for support, or purchase and schedule a consultation with Kristie.  

Have questions or want to learn more about how to use herbs and essential oils for your family and animals? See our Land of Havilah Learning Center website for fast access to information on using herbs and essential oils safely and effectively.

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