Scan Specific Infoceutical


This product allows you to purchase a full bottle or bottles of single infoceuticals specific to your scan results.

Please order the quantity that you need, then include a note at Checkout to tell us the infoceuticals that you want to order. Make sure to include the full product name and the number of bottles that you want.

For example

If you ordered 3 bottles total, you would specify it like this:

ES-5  Autoimmune. 1 bottle.

MB1 (BSH) Brainstem Hologram. 2 bottles.

Need help? No worries – I can help you find the name if you only have the SKU (i.e. ES-5) or visa versa.



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Ingredients: Energized structured water, colloidal minerals, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium sorbate, and citric acid

All infoceuticals are biochemically the same, however the directive information that is imprinted on them varies for each individual infoceutical based on its intended purpose and function. 

Directions: We refer you to your NES Practitioner for dosage instructions.


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