Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners


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Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners
by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

This practical guide explains how the occupational licensing laws work in the United States, and often in other nations.  Then the book explains how to protect yourself if you wish to operate a natural healing practice, or any other type of personal service, psychological, spiritual, educational or other type of service practice to avoid problems with the licensing laws.

Although the book was designed for unlicensed practitioners, it is also excellent for licensed doctors, nurses and others to help stay out of legal trouble while practicing the healing arts in a responsible way. Sixteen chapters discuss the history and purpose of our laws, how to present oneself and one’s work, words that are legally protected and may not be used by some practitioners, activities to avoid, dealing with the authorities, disclosure, disclaimer and consent statements, legal documents to assist you in protecting yourself and your practice, record-keeping, privacy and types of insurance that is available.

Other chapters explore occupational licensing versus certification and registration, your rights under the laws of the nation, Constitutional rights and the Ninth Amendment.  The book also includes sample disclosure, disclaimer and consent forms.

Paperback 6”x 9″, 136 pages


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