SG Land of Havilah DreamOfLiberty 2*M

Liberty 5 years old (September 2015)

DECEASED:  February 2, 2020
DOB: 04/29/2010
ADGA #N001532074
***DNA on file ***

Sire: Dorsey-Lane Live w/o Care
Dam: SG Land of Havilah Sonador 1*M

Liberty is the Breed Leader in butterfat and protein on the 2012 ADGA Top Ten Breed Leaders list! Her dam, Sonador, is Breed Leader in Milk (2012).

Liberty was #3 in butterfat on the 2011 ADGA Top Ten Breed Leaders list! Her dam, Sonador, is Breed Leader in Milk, Butterfat and Protein (2011).

Liberty is black with cream trim and a small white splash, poll, nose and silver ears.

Liberty is very level, very dairy!  Hoping for Sonya’s milk production, and Live w/o Care’s udder traits – GORGEOUS!!  She has a SWEET disposition – a BIG thank you to her sire!!  She is quiet and eager to please, I love watching her move around the pasture, very smooth and graceful. 🙂

She is lovely, my second daughter out of +B Dorsey-Lane Live w/o Care that I have had the pleasure to freshen here on our farm.  He has thrown a globular, well attached high udder both times.  His other daughter here is DiamondGirl.   I wish I could change her ears though… oh well, if that is the only thing I don’t prefer, than I’m a happy girl!

Liberty. 4-year old, 4th freshener (2014)
Liberty, 4-year old, 4th freshener (2014)

Liberty’s dam, SG Land of Havilah Sonador 1*M, received her Superior Genetics (SG) award on 11/30/2010! (That is the “SG” in front of her name!) 😀 SO proud of her!!!

Liberty is a Recorded Grade (75% American) Nubian – I can only PROVE that she is 75%, as her maternal grandmother was an unregistered Nubian doe, Dream. I bred Dream to my former buck, *B Starcrosst Gabriel (registered purebred Nubian), and got SG Land of Havilah Sonador 1*M (50% American Nubian), I bred Sonador to my current buck, *B Dorsey-Lane Live w/o Care (registered purebred Nubian), and got my DreamOfLiberty (75% American Nubian)!  Liberty’s doe kids will be registered as 100% American Nubian if she is bred to a registered Purebred Nubian or a registered American Nubian buck.

The appraiser agreed that it would be a good idea to keep Liberty to further my goals for my herd.

Click here for the pedigree I created – includes pics, awards, etc.

Liberty tested negative for CAE, CL, Johne’s and Brucella. See our test results at this link.

Liberty is G6S Normal by parentage.