D.I.Y. = Do It Yourself!

Do you prefer to mix the herbs yourself instead of buying them premixed?? If so, then this section is exactly what you have been looking for!

I love to make the mixes myself, since it gives me the ability to tweak them to better fit my situation. If I have an injured creature, I would want to use Complete Tissue & Bone Formula (aka BF&C) to support the body while it heals. However, if that creature is a horse then that means I can’t use that mix, since it contains Black Walnut = a BIG “no-no” for equines and camelids! What do I do in that situation?  Well, I could mix it without the Black Walnut, OR I could try substituting Pau ‘D Arco instead. Don’t you love the freedom that provides?! If you run out of the mix, you simply go to your cupboard and make more. Easy Peasy!

I have several mixes in this section with links to recipes or educated guesses that I used to recreate the recipe for bulk use in my herd.

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