DIY Vitalerbs and Vitalerbs+

DIY Vitalerbs categoryVitalerbs is an herbal vitamin/mineral supplement.

See this page for guidance on how to make “Vitalerbs” and “Vitalerbs+“. All the herbs you need to make this are listed in this Category. I personally prefer the powdered herbs. I only have the correct form of the herb (root, leaf, juice, etc) listed for sale on this DIY page, so you are buying the correct ingredient.  Products that are Out of Stock do not appear, so double check the recipe.  😉

IMPORTANT: Please note that I have Jurassic Green Formula (this is a JUICE powder, not just powdered herb). The Vitalerbs recipe calls for JUICE powder. Please see this page for more information on Vitalerbs.

NOTE: I have Brigham Tea (provides more access to copper and safely removes built up copper that the body couldn’t use that can cause toxicity), Skullcap (copper), Chaparral (copper), Pumpkin seed (copper and selenium), Milk Thistle (selenium), and Yellow dock (iron) listed here as well, since they are good plant-based sources of copper, selenium, and/or iron. See the Herbal Minerals page for more details.  When I add Brigham Tea, Skullcap, Chaparral, & Pumpkin seed to my homemade Vitalerbs mix, and I refer to it as Vitalerbs+

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