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UPDATE!  I have an online class here that includes videos and I walk you through how to prepare and administer the tea method.

I’m constantly experimenting with herbs.  Many of you know that I have a dairy goat herd and that I’m a Certified Master Herbalist.  My herd got bigger and I started considering how I could get the herbs to them consistently and make it easy on myself.  I experimented mixing them in kelp and leaving it out free choice, and I still do that with the Parasite Formula, since my animals are used to it.  That way they can self medicate if they need to.  I’ve also used tea on occasion while cleansing our herd, and it worked very well for me.  MUCH less work and the animals did well on it.  In fact, they drank more often with the tea added to the water than they did when I offered plain water.  It occurred to me that this may work very nicely for our Parasite Formula as well, so I started offering it once a week (or as needed) in their water tank.  

Tori eye membranesI watched their eye membranes (see FAMACHA information) and ran fecal tests to gauge how well the tea was working for me.  I am very pleased with the results and I’m finally ready to share this process with you, since it is SO simple.  This is Tori.  Her eye membranes look fabulous!  You should see her in person, because the flash washed out the watermelon red color a bit.  🙂

Making Parasite Formula Tea:

I have a 16 gallon tank. I take one cup of Parasite Formula herb mix and put it in a half gallon canning jar.   I add 6-7 cups of steam distilled water just off the boil to make the tea.  I put a lid on tight and steep it for at least 15 minutes.  I personally let it steep until the jar is cool enough to handle. Then I dump the entire contents of the canning jar into the water tank and fill it up the rest of the way with water from the hose/hydrant.

You may be wondering, “Can I make a smaller quantity?”  Certainly!  Follow the same instructions, including the same amount of steam distilled water, but use 1/16th of a cup of herbs (I would use one heaping Tablespoon) for every gallon of water your tank holds.

I have had excellent results using this amount of herbs in that amount of water (tank size).

We do NOT go by weight of the creature while using this method.  I go by the size of the water tank.

Why distilled water?  I specify steam distilled water because it pulls 30-35% MORE potency out of the herbs we use.  Reverse Osmosis water is second best if you do not have access to distilled water.

I do NOT add Garlic/Ginger paste to the tea.  It floats on the surface of the water and my goats did not like that.  I save the Garlic/Ginger Paste for parasite overload, given as a drench twice a day.

I wait until they finish the tea in the tank before I rinse it out and give more or put out plain water.

Additions?  You CAN add some Black Strap Molasses and/or raw and unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar to the tea to encourage them to drink when you first start putting out the tea.  I like to add ACV to the tea each time (if I remember) because of its health benefits.

I use the tea proactively once a week.  If I have young kids in the herd, I put it out 3x/week, plus any day that ground conditions are wet.  This seemed to work VERY well to keep coccidia under control, as when I checked the fecals of my goat kids I only found ONE coccidia oocyst (egg) on the ENTIRE slide of my centrifuged sample.

If you need clarification of these instructions, please leave a Comment below and I will edit this post to include that clarification.

I hope this was helpful to you and your herd!

~ Kristie, MH, CEIT

Author: Kristie

Certified Master Herbalist (MH), Certified Aromatherapist (CA), Certified Equine Iridology Technician (CEIT), Owner of Land of Havilah Farm, LLC, and Land of Havilah Herbals, LLC

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  1. Thanks so much for this Kristie!! This is going to be a great time saver for our herd!!! You are always so helpful and there has never been an issue with our goats that you were not able to provide a natural route of treatment. Your knowledge is priceless!

  2. Kristi, I purchased the Parasite Formula last month. Gave it two days in a row and now am giving it once a week as drench, mixed with warm water and 2/tbsp local raw honey to make app. 30 ml. Both girls are due to kid in a few weeks. I have seen improvement in eye color from pale pink to pink, but still not watermelon pink. Any suggestions, and what about newborn kids? Start at 1/week, 3x week as stated above? My herd is Nigerian Dwarfs. When would I give weekly?

    1. Are you using it as a tea? I see you mentioned using it as a drench. If you haven’t tried it as a tea, I would encourage you to give it a try. If you know that you have a parasite overload, you can put the tea out 6 days in a row, then give a one day break (plain water is provided instead of the tea). You can do another 6 days in a row after that if you feel it is necessary.

      This page has dosage/frequency/administration information about our Parasite Formula that may be helpful to you:

      I would encourage you to run a fecal test to see if you are dealing with parasite overload or if you are simply needing to provide extra nutrition to rebuild the blood. I use Vitalerbs to provide extra nutrition.

    1. The amount we use for the tea is based on tank size, so the amounts I mention in the post should be correct for a horse as well. However, I have only experimented with my goats, so it is *possible* that you may have to increase the dose. I would keep an eye on fecal test results and eye membrane color to see if the dosage requires tweaking for best results.

  3. Hi there! I have five goats, and a 17 gal tank that they share with chickens, it is set into the ground to help from freezing as easily and so chickens can reach it. About 8 inches show from the top. They don’t go through a 17 gal tank very quickly. Would you just offer it to them in a smaller container, do you just not refill the tank until it is empty (which could take a long time!), or for my situation is it better to try another route? Additionally how can you be sure each goat is getting enough? Thank you for your consideration. Unfortunately my herd is not up to snuff and I am starting from scratch getting them all sorted out and healthy!

    1. In that situation, I would use a smaller bucket. I like to put out what they would drink within a day. Start with a gallon size bucket and see how they do.

      Since we go by the volume of liquid in the water tank, the herbs are at a good amount that they get what they need when they drink. Some animals can be stubborn about trying something new, so keep an eye out to see if they are drinking it well. If not, then I would give them the herbs in a way that you know they got them (drench, herb ball, etc) until they get used to the tea.

  4. Hi Kristie, I use your parasite formula with my dairy goats but I also have several meat goats. We have historically used conventional dewormers for the meat goats on an as needed basis which fortunately is not often. I’ve been wanting to get them on your parasite herbs but catching them to drench them once a week is not possible. I’d love to give this tea a try but I have a complication. We have a horse that lives with and rotates with the goats. If I’m understanding correctly, the goat formula is toxic for horses so you have a different formula for horses. Since I’d be worming both the goats and the horse with the same tea, would it be possible to worm both with the horse formula? I’m not sure this is even a reasonable question but I’d really like to get them on an herbal parasite prevention program rather than on the wait until there’s a problem and then treat it program that we currently have and I’m hoping this might be the way. Thank you for any ideas or suggestions you might have.

    1. What an excellent question! We DO need to avoid Black Walnut in equines (horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, mini horses, etc) AND camelids (llamas, alpacas, and of course camels if anyone has one of those 😉 ), due to the fact that they are very sensitive to Black Walnut and it has caused laminitis (aka founder) in horses that have been bedded down with Black Walnut SHAVINGS. It is a very good idea to err on the cautious side and avoid it orally as well.

      In that situation (running a horse with the goats), I would use the Equine/Camelid version of the Parasite Formula for the tea. I would keep the Regular Parasite Formula (includes Black Walnut) on hand for any goats that may need the more powerful formula, and it can be given directly to that animal.

  5. I am going to try this tea with my newly freshened herd. I already treated them (2x / day for 3 days) with a drench, but this looks WAY more convenient for on-going maintenance. Question : How do you think it will affect the taste of their milk?

    1. It is exceptionally convenient, at least I definitely feel that way for my herd.

      I have never noticed a difference in the taste of the milk on the days that the tea is out. I have noticed that they give more on the days that the tea is out. I know that my herd tends to drink more on the days I have it out, so that could be why I notice a difference in production.

  6. I have 3 pregnant does getting ready to kid for the first time and one billy. I just learned to look at the eye color and it is very pale. Would you recommend doing the tea for them 6 days in a row or doing your acute dosage for pregnant does protocol? I just got the parasite formula in the mail today! Thanks!

    1. In that situation I would use a combination of the two methods: 1) Tea in the water tank 6 days in a row, and 2) drenching the powder mixed with garlic/ginger paste (see this link for that recipe) and some honey 3-4x/day. This is a good protocol for pregnant does as well. Please keep me updated on their progress via email so that I can help guide you during this process. 🙂

  7. What a great post! My dairy goats gobble up the herbal dosage balls, but my sheep will not. This is a great way to treat everyone easily without catching and drenching 200# sheep once a week. They don’t go easily :). I just want to confirm that I put enough water for them to drink in one day? If they do consume it all before the day is over make more tea? I will be able to treat my rams more easily this way as well! Thank you for the great idea!

  8. I’ve been using the parasite formula as a tea with great results in my herd! It’s a bit more work when we fill water buckets, but it works so well that I keep at it. The only issue was getting the garlic/ginger paste into them all without chasing down 50+ goats. I’m offering my method as a help in case anyone else can benefit.
    I cut fresh ginger root into chunks (roughly about 1/2″-1″ chunk per animal) and toss it into a food processor. I add fresh garlic, roughly one big clove per animal. I pulse until it’s in small pieces. I dump that into a bucket and then process about an equal amount of carrots. I combine the two, then I add Thorvin kelp and stir it all up. I put that mixture in a few feed pans in the individual pens, and they devour it in mere minutes. They get that mixture any day I am giving the tea. Even the babies sample a bit of it, which is hilarious to watch! I’ve had really good results doing it this way, and the goats really appreciate what they consider to be a treat!

    1. I do not have ducks or chickens here on our farm, but I have clients that use the tea for them using the same proportions and they are happy with it. Might want to put it in a water dish/dispenser that the ducks can’t get in (swim in).

  9. Can I use the parasite formula tea for my chickens? would it work for them? and would I use the same dose (dosing the size of the water bucket rather than the individual chicken?) It takes my hens about two days to go through a water bucket, so I could just put it out and leave it for the two days right? or do I have to dump it after the first 24hrs?

    1. I don’t have chickens, but my clients have successfully used it as a tea for their flock.

      Yes, assuming the weather isn’t really hot. In that case, I would only put out what they would use within a day.

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